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Cwm Deri is delighted to be able to offer a great Range of Welsh Lovespoons perfect for any occasion. These are engraved to your requirements and delivered free to your door within 7 days!

The Custom of giving Lovespoons has existed in Wales for well over 300 years. The carved spoon was a token of lasting affection made by a young man for his sweetheart. Today, Lovespoons can be given with love, or as a commemoration of a special occasion or event, or even simply as a souvenir of a visit to Wales.

The various symbols used each have a meaning. The common ones used on our Lovespoons are as follows:

The Heart          For Love                      Twist (or Love Knot)     Securely United

Two Hearts       Togetherness               Celtic Knot                    Faith in or Love of Wales

Bell                   Rejoicing & Marriage     Stork                            New Birth

Horseshoe        Good Luck                    Wheel                           Working hard for your loved one


Please note that Lovespoon orders are despatched separately from any other items ordered from our website at the same time, and are only available for delivery by the Royal Mail, the cost of which is included in the price.


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