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Cocktail Recipes!



The diversity of drinks that can be created by simply mixing up your favourites is immense. So much so, that there is a new name for it: MIXOLOGY – Yep...a mouthful!

...and you could said that about some of our most popular cocktails.

The Cwm Deri range of Wines, Liqueurs, Mead and Sparkling are a wonderful base for you to start with.

Check out in this section some cool ideas for your enjoyment.

Always Drink Responsibly!



An old favourite which normally mixes Champagne and Crème de Cassis (Blackcurrant Alcoholic Syrup) has been made more enjoyable with our Sparkling Blush Reserve or Prosecco and Wild Bramble Liqueur. Our Blackberry top-selling Liqueur adds another dimension to this drink with its natural sweetness and jammy fruit flavour. Simply add “Wild Bramble” to a flute glass and top up with your chosen fizz. Watch it rise with a purply colour and taste heaven.


5cl – Cwm Deri Wild Bramble Liqueur

125cl – Cwm Deri Estate Reserve Blush Sparkling Wine or another fizz



This “Caribbean Queen” of the Cocktails will get you dancing straight away. Fruity and aromatic, with an intense Rum flavour background. It is always enjoyable, in any season, but for those Spring and Summer Barbecues, it is a winner. You can make it in a large bowl, a couple of hours in advance to allow the flavours to develop and serve over ice when is time to kick start the party. Here is everything you need for a large cocktail glass 40cl.


Fresh Fruit such as Peaches, Strawberries, Apples, Oranges and Lemons.

A small handful of Mint – a plain mint, such as Moroccan Mint, is better.

Ground Cinnamon to taste

5cl – Cwm Deri Captain Martin's Spiced Honey Rum Liqueur

(Read all about Captain Thomas Martin on our blog and you will understand why we have a product named after him.)

12cl Cwm Deri Pembrokeshire Punch Sweet Red Wine

Fizzy Lemonade to finish, such as Seven Up or your favourite brand.

Start by chopping the fruit and add the Rum to marinade it. Add the fresh mint, some whole leaves and some squeezed to release the flavour. Add the Red Wine, top up with lemonade to your taste and serve with Ice.



Our own version of the famous "PIMMS and Lemonade", is not only easy but very simple to make it.

This recipe makes 1.5 litres of a very fruity Summer cocktail:

50cl – 1 bottle of Pembrokeshire Punch – Sweet Dessert Wine

100cl – 1 standard bottle of Tonic Water

Juice and peel (just for decoration) of 1 Lemon

A full hand of squeezed mint.

Mix it all together and add some ice or serve it chilled.



This is a wonderful Cocktail, earthy, tangy and refreshing with a Citrus aftertaste.


110cl of Light Black Tea, cooled down. (a tea cup)

10cl of Cwm Deri Sloe Gin

½ Lemon Juice

1 Lemon slice

Ice - a hand full

Squeeze the juice of half lemon in a Slim Glass, being careful to remove the pips. Add the ice and the gin. Top up with cool black tea, add a lemon slice and enjoy it.


An after-dinner drink, excellent night cap, but beware of the caffeine kick. You always can replace for De-caffeinated Coffee.

Made with Our Cwm Deri Coffee Cream Liqueur.


1 espresso shot

5cl of Coffee Cream Liqueur

1 tablespoon of Cream.

Make your espresso in a normal size 10cl cup. Be sure to have the water added fairly hot, but not boiling. Whip the cream very lightly to add some air into it. Use the back of a spoon and add the cream, whilst runny, over it, slowly. Add the Coffee Liqueur and serve it. The Whisky flavour will blend with coffee notes and provide a wonderful warmth.

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